I lost the database for the Wiki in 2020 and have yet to find the time to remake everything. There is almost nothing here for the time being.

Welcome to the Nintendo e-Reader Wiki!

We are a wiki all about the Nintendo e-Reader, an accessory released for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance with features for both it and the Nintendo Gamecube.

Through this wiki we hope to collect all information about the e-Reader, its e-Cards, and all related information surrounding them.

Where to start

  • Nintendo e-Reader - The device this wiki is all about! This is the page detailing all about the North American release.
  • Nintendo Card-e-Reader+ - The Japanese equivalent to the North American e-Reader, a plus sits on the end of its name as it's actually the 2nd such device in Japan.
  • Animal Crossing-e - The most popular series of e-Cards that would later go on to inspire Amiibo Cards.
  • List of all e-Card series -

Further Reading

  • Nintendo Card-e-Reader - The original Japanese device to hold the e-Reader name. It would later be updated with more features to become the Nintendo Card-e-Reader+.