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Welcome to the Nintendo e-Reader Wiki!

We are a wiki all about the Nintendo e-Reader, an accessory released for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance with features for both it and the Nintendo Gamecube.

Through this wiki we hope to collect all information about the e-Reader, its e-Cards, and all related information surrounding them.

Due to a database malfunction in early August 2020, we are having to completely restart from scratch. All pages were lost and have to be entirely rewritten. Progress is slow.

Where to start

  • Nintendo e-Reader - The device this wiki is all about! This is the page detailing all about the North American release.
  • Nintendo Card-e-Reader+ - The Japanese equivalent to the North American e-Reader, a plus sits on the end of its name as it's actually the 2nd such device in Japan.
  • Animal Crossing-e - The most popular series of e-Cards that would later go on to inspire Amiibo Cards.
  • List of all e-Card series -

Further Reading

  • Nintendo Card-e-Reader - The original Japanese device to hold the e-Reader name. It would later be updated with more features to become the Nintendo Card-e-Reader+.